Nice Guy | The Innocent Man

Title: Nice Guy | The Innocent Man (2012)
Genre: Melodrama
Casts: Song Joong-ki as Kang Ma-ru, Moon Chae-won as Seo Eun-gi and Park Si-yeon as Han Jae-hee.

The story is about a nice guy Kang Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) who turns into not really a bad bad person but into someone who is stern, with a heart full of hatred, unforgiving, and vindictive. In a shorter sense, a used-to-be nice and respectful guy Kang Ma-ru no longer existed after a sudden turn of event in his life. And that was after his girlfriend Han Jae-hee turns his back on him for a rich man, choosing money over love. After 5 years of serving in prison due to admitting a crime done by the ex-gf Jae-hee, sacrificing his dream of becoming a doctor, he plans on getting back at her by using the ex-gf's step-daughter Seo Eun-gi, the heiress to a large corporation Taesan. Eun-gi, not knowing his real motive, falls in love with him while he as well falls in love with her in the process that he would do everything to keep Eun-gi safe from his monster ex-girlfriend. This drama is about love, sacrifice, betrayal, revenge and power.

I've finished watching Nice Guy or Innocent Man just a few hours ago. I've been watching this drama for I think a week now. I watched 2 to 3 episodes per night but I watched all first 5 episodes on the first night. The first few episodes of the drama were really interesting. I got hooked. Thus, I watched next episode every after the other.

The first few episodes I've watched showed how nice guy Kang Ma-ru is to take the blame for a crime (murder) done by his reporter girlfriend Jae-hee and to sacrifice his dream to become a doctor. By admitting the crime, Ma-ru was dropped out from his medicine school and was sent to prison for five years. Jae-hee then betrayed him by jumping into a very rich older man who is a president of Taesan.

Six years after, Kang Ma-ru is a changed man. He became a stuck-up (as I've observed), a snob and someone who plays a woman's heart. He works as a bartender and a gigolo at a bar and does a part-time scam job to earn money. His life has no sense anymore and continues living only for the sake of his sick sister. I was heartbroken at how Jae-hee turns him into.

Darn, it's when I started hating Jae-hee. She's a monster in disguise. But is Jae-hee that bad or Ma-ru is just plain stupid to give out all his love for Jae-hee that he can even leave his sick sister just for her? Trying to get back at the monster ex-girlfriend, Ma-ru uses Eun-gi, Jae-hee's so-called step-daughter and an heiress to a large corporation called Taesan.

Seo Eun-gi who has been groomed to be a successor of  large corporation is a picture of a tough woman, overworked, has no friends, someone who shows very little emotion, and works hard to keep her father's corporation at its best. Although she shows off a tough expression, she's naive when it comes to love. She falls in-love right away to Kang Ma-ru. 

Okay, I haven't noticed I've babbled long enough. I must stop here now...I must leave the rest of the story for you to find out but check out next post to read my say about the drama.

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texas_sweetie said…
sounds like a very good Kdrama... i wish i have enough time for this as I am always in a hurry, i doubt i can watch this pretty nice Kdrama...

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