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PS: Pink Christmas Bells

Chiessy celebrates its very first Pink Saturday entree. Since this blog is pink, I thought I should share some pink every Saturday here and link the post to the Pink Saturday meme. Coincidentally, this blog is created today, the last Saturday of December - just right in time.
Today's prompt in Pink Saturday is Snow/Snowmen.

How I wish it snows in this part of the world where I am at but sadly, that wish will never come true. I am in a tropical country wherein most time of year we experience hot and humid climate. How I wish I'll get to experience White Christmas even once. It that will happen, I'll make sure to make a lot of snowmen. So for now, I pass on snow and snowmen and go on with my pink share. Here are the pink Christmas bells hanging at our door, welcoming you to our humble (and messy) home.

Even though there was no way to create a snowman here during the holiday season, we still celebrated the 25th of December the best we could.

I wish your Christmas was a joyous…

This Blog Is All Set

Since this blog is new and still in incubation period, I'll just settle this blog for now in its current blogging platform - Blogger. I have plans for this blog and that is to monetize it (of course) so no offense meant to Blogger, I'll have this blog self-hosted in Wordpress sooner or later. It is just that I don't get much moolah when in your platform.

Anyway, I managed to find a cute blog layout earlier. Being so excited to have gotten this custom domain name for free, I went on with the layout customization and finished everything. So here it is now the updated look of Chiessy. 
Again, thank you sis Nita Thomas for getting me this domain. I appreciate you waiting for me (I was sleeping) to respond to you before heading to the counter. I take this as a birthday gift.

Here are some of Nita's blogs for you to visit:

Again, t…

Chiessy Is Born is born today. Thanks to my nice blogging friend Nita Thomas for getting this custom domain name for me. I do appreciate it so much.

I have not decided yet on what this blog will talk about so please bear with me.

More update later....