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Just What the Heck Am I Doing?

Yes, as a Blogger, I am being irresponsible and along with that is being unproductive, which is not good. Just what the heck am I doing? Well, I am just wasting my time and hard-earned blogging money on a game. Or it isn't really a waste of time because I am having fun, it's just that it does me no good for it is taking my mind away from blogging - my source of daily bread and self maintenance.

So i have another plans in mind regarding blogging. Since I am irresponsible at the present, and since I feel that I can't fully correct it for now coz I am really hooked to Wartune (fine, it is wartune!), I decided to cut down the number of my blogs. I keep only those that I can maintain with niche that I fully know about. I have been confused anyway with my blogs' niche and to solve the confusion is to kick it away (just lol).

I decided to keep this blog and will wave goodbye to Labzkie. I will then just merge that blog's posts and topic in here. Anyway, if you haven…