Back in The Blogosphere

I have been MIA in the blogosphere for quite a while, blame it to Wartune. I never thought I would be that easy to get hooked by a mere browser game. No online game has ever captured my interest before to the extent of prioritizing it than my blog, which is my source of income. Worst, I am cashing to the said game.Uh-oh! I am shaking my head with disbelief. I started playing Wartune last January and now I am down to my 5th and hopefully, my last character.

Okay, enough with Wartune...this post is about my comeback to the Blogosphere. 

It feels good to be back. I have this enthusiasm again for blogging and it is really a good thing. Even with all stresses I had to face brought by my comeback like renewing domains, looking into advertisers inquiries and complaints, posting updates and revamping blog layouts (which I did last night in this blog - as you can see it is a bit wider now), I am still thankful that I suddenly feel the drive and determination again to go back in blogging. Blogging is my first love after all!

At this point, I am prioritizing this blog. Here are my plans for this blog:

  1. Getting this blog a Dedicated Web Hosting Service - I already have a web host in mind.
  2. Getting this blog a new chic Blog Design - I don't design WP blog so I will need a designer for this plan and I already have a designer in mind. My budget is $30. 
  3. Updates! Updates! Daily Updates! - one way of getting the page rank of this site to at least 1.
  4. Monetize!!!


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