Butch Turns 25

You may wonder who this Butch is, well I am not referring to any lesbian butch in the family (lol) but a brother who was given Butchie as a nickname by our late father. Our late father made him into his junior giving him the privilege to use his name Ramier hoping they could be buddies but the brother grew up to be a black sheep. Instead of being buddies, the two always ended up in a fight. Despite that, I knew they loved each other.

He turned 25 today, June 07, 2013. He spent his birthday in a simple yet meaningful way. He visited our father's grave around 3:00 p.m. He stayed there for about half an hour. I can imagine what he was doing while there in 30 minutes. He was sobbing while talking to father's grave, asking for forgiveness probably and some guidance and strength. When he came back home, we already had our little birthday preparation for him set and ready. The preparation wasn't much but he was very thankful.

At 25, I know that he is starting to feel the pressure and the responsibility of being a man in the family. After our father's death, he sure felt the fear of responsibility being the only man to stand up for the family and to protect. I know that he was very sad about our father passing that's why he keeps visiting the grave. He feels like a bird with a broken wing now. No father will protect him now, a father who'll leave a job just to rush a son to the hospital after a bike accident due to a stupid bike racing, who'll bring his son a delicious lunch in school complete with a bottle of soda and who'll bail out a son from a jail for stupidly punching someone. He is very remorseful until now about how bad of a son he was. If only he could only turn back time, he should have been a very good son to him, a son that father would be so proud of. It shouldn't be too late. He can still be a good son to our mother and a good and dependable brother to us.

We only wish for him to have a goal in life for he shouldn't to depending to me and my mother forever. Soon, he'll start his own family and grow his own children. He should start making a plan for himself and work that plan out! We wish he'll grow up into a man!


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