Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Title: Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Written by :Yoon Nan-joong
Directed by: Jung Jung-hwa
Episodes: 16

Main Casts:
Jeong Il-woo as Cha Chi-soo, Lee Chung-ah as Yang Eun-bi, Lee Ki-woo as Choi Kang-hyuk, Park Min-woo as Kim Ba-wool and Jo Yoon-woo as Woo Hyun-woo

A romance between a 19 year-old high school student and a 25 year-old student teacher, both ended up working together in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Yang Eun-bi (Lee Chung-ah) is a struggling university student in her mid-20s preparing for her civil service exam with the dream to become a high school teacher. She accidentally encounters Cha Chi-soo (Jung Il-woo), the arrogant heir to the biggest food conglomerate in South Korea on his first day of arrival from New York escaping his watchful bodyguards.

That sudden encounter isn't the last because Eun-bi finds herself assigned as student teacher to a high school owned by Chi-soo's family. And not only that, she is assigned to Chi-soo's homeroom where she finds out Chi-soo is only 19 years old and is one of her high school students.

Chi-soo with his young and innocent heart is troubled about his attraction to Eun-bi but strongly denies it as love interest. He ends up obsessed with her and earnestly persuades her in his own unique way. Eun-bi,thinking Chi-soo's only toying with her fights her growing attraction towards Chi-soo. To aid his growing obsession, Chi-soo decides to work in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, a ramen shop left by Eun-bi's late father to Choi Kang-hyuk's ownership and management who is Cha Chi-soo's older half-brother. It's where the love triangle started.

Who will Eun-bi choose? Will the 19-year old pretty boy Chi-soo leave his extravagant life for Eun-bi? Watch it!  

Note: Ramen is pronounced as Ramyun.

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