KDrama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

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Main Characters:
Micky Yoochun or Park Yoochun as Lee Sun-joon (nickname: Ga-rang')
Park Min-young as Kim Yoon-hee (nickname: Dae-mul)
Song Joong-ki as Gu Yong-ha (nickname: Yeo-rim)
Yoo Ah-in as Moon Jae-shin (nickname: Geol-oh)
Genre: Historical, Romance Comedy

I finished watching this drama last year but just thought of posting a review of it today. If I am not  mistaken, this was the first drama i've watched of Micky Yoochun (forgive me but I was no big fan of Kdramas before until Boys Over Flowers) and he got me impressed by his acting right away, making him one of the K idols I am fantasizing nowadays.  Park Min Young, on the other hand, shouldn't be left out because aside from this drama's catchy synopsis, she is one of the main reasons why I started watching this.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is not the kind of scandal you might be thinking right now. I found it a one interesting drama, worthy of note. My respect goes to the main casts for they really were great. This drama tells how the smart and clever scholars of Sungkyunkwan University survived every trials laid upon them and in the unfairness of society in general.  Each portrayed the role convincingly well. If Boys Over Flowers had Flower4, this drama had Jalguem Quartet or the Joseon F4.

The Jalguem Quartet: Sun-Joon, Yong-ha, Jae-shin and the pretty Yoon-hee.
You must know them for they were the scholars your eyes could feast on.

Micky Yoochun portrayed Lee Sun-joon, a trophy son to one of the most respected and rich noble family in Joseon. He was an upright, intelligent and somewhat emotionless character. He always had on a serious face and an authoritative manner In display. He was a picture of an ideal man, and I wanted him for myself. He was either respected and envied. He was the lead guy in the drama opposite Min Young. They were a perfect couple.

One unforgettable character in this drama was Jae-shin portrayed by Yo Ah-in, Sun-joon's rival to Joon-hee's heart. You can drool over his sexiness in this drama, really. He showed his long-haired, ruggedly handsome side in this drama and at one point I wished he was the lead guy for I couldn't hate him. Jae-shin was the rebellious among the quartet. He fought for what is right and did it in his very own way, unknown to anyone, when darkness embraced the Joseon sky.

Song Jong-ki lived up to his being a pretty boy in this drama. He portrayed Yong-ha, a playboy who always had a way with girls, and women alike. He is the prettiest and the most fashionable among the quartet and that added to his charm that seemed to magnet women. He also was the most clever.

Park Min Young portrayed Joon-hee, the only girl among the quartet. She brought scandal to Sungkyunkwan, an all-boys University when she braved herself in disguising as a boy, bearing her brother's identity. In her portrayal in this drama, she had proven her versatility. Although her face was too pretty to be a boy, she sure was convincing enough.

So what is the drama about? 
Law, Politics, Education and a little bit of romance. It was a period drama set during the Joseon era, the time when society prohibited and looked lowly on women who take the major responsibility of a family. Women were not allowed to to be educated and employed. They were prohibited to learn skills outside the household ground. They existed only to look after the house and their husband and to bear them children. 

Yoon-hee, having no father to take the family's responsibility, and with a sickly brother, left with no choice but disguised herself as her brother to be able to work and earn to support her family. She did odd jobs, tough ones and anything she could handle. On one occasion, she was hired to be a substitue test taker for the entrance examination to the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. She got caught by Lee Sun-joon, the top scholar who later acknowledged her talent. Thinking she was a boy, he encouraged her to enter the Sungkyunkwan University. Joon-hee refused knowing the trouble she would get herself into but with Sun-joon reputation, he got her in as Sungkyunkwan's scholar. How did she managed to move around a place where nothing but boys and thier ego?

What I like about this drama?
The main casts and the effortlesss chemistry between Yoochun and Min Young. There are only smack kisses in this drama but even with the absence of those "eye candies", they still made me giggle. I as well was amazed with the twists and turns, the puzzles and the debates. And of course, I like Yo Ah In's sexy stunts. He is my gladiator!

Links to watch the drama for free online with English Subtitle:
http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/sungkyunkwan-scandal/ http://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Sungkyunkwan_Scandal.php http://www.epdrama.com/drama/sungkyunkwan-scande


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