Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Night with The Good Old Friends

How's everyone? I have just fully recovered from the worst hang-over I've ever experienced in my life from our Saturday night-out. According to my mother, I was taken home by my friends around 3 in the morning and I was walking to our gate barefooted, carrying my pair of 6 inches wedges. Lol! I cannot picture myself in that scenario. I threw up as soon as I woke up in the morning until afternoon. Shaking heads. I remember I swore lots of times that I won't drink alcohol anymore...but I know I am still going to drink again. 

I was invited to a night-out last night by a close friend who just got home from Chicago for a vacation. She wanted to have a little batchmates party while she's here and I am one of fortunate friends whom she invited. She picked me up around 4 in the afternoon yesterday to Dipolog City. We dined, we sung and then we rocked the dance floor of Fat Cat. Rocked really? That is what I can remember. 

Going to a night-out party, there is one thing that is very important to everyone and that is what to wear. Women in particular are meticulous with their outfit. I, for instance want to look good, sexy and comfortable. I've gained weight over the years so I am now a bit wider. And when you are short and "wide", picking clothes to wear is a real pressure.

Anyway, my mother was so sweet to get me this "thrifted" white top with ruffled flowers adorning the neckline for our night out. It looked pretty and it is very comfortable to wear. I liked the feel of the fabric on my skin. The pleats as well were in good lines - horizontal - helped me look a bit leaner. Plus the price is a killer, Php10.00. Yes, you read it right. Where in the world could you find a killer party top for a killer price? Lol! I like it!
So I already have the outfit to wear in mind. I was relieved for I really was pressured. I was to wear the white ruffled top my mother got me, shorty shorts (of course) and  a pair of sky-high wedges. Just like that in picture above. But then my friend gave me this "All About Me" top with a very sexy cut in the back. I wanted just a simple slip-on wedges but my sister insisted on me wearing her slingback wedges. I ended up wearing the two. 

It was such a crazy night. I had a lot of fun! I knew my outfit was way over the top but I didn't care. I only cared about the fun, the friends I was with, the alcohol, the music and then my HOT RED lips. I achieved the Hot Red lips that night with the help of Wethwild's HOT RED shade lipstick, one of the gifts i received from my Chicago friend. Thanks to my friend for this. I like it! It is rich, it is red and it is hot, quite unbelievable after knowing where it is made from. 

Anyway, it was a fun, crazy Saturday night for me. I was drunk, I was wasted but I was happy. I had a lot of fun with my good old friends. I hope there will be...part 2?
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