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Saturday Night with The Good Old Friends

How's everyone? I have just fully recovered from the worst hang-over I've ever experienced in my life from our Saturday night-out. According to my mother, I was taken home by my friends around 3 in the morning and I was walking to our gate barefooted, carrying my pair of 6 inches wedges. Lol! I cannot picture myself in that scenario. I threw up as soon as I woke up in the morning until afternoon. Shaking heads. I remember I swore lots of times that I won't drink alcohol anymore...but I know I am still going to drink again. 
I was invited to a night-out last night by a close friend who just got home from Chicago for a vacation. She wanted to have a little batchmates party while she's here and I am one of fortunate friends whom she invited. She picked me up around 4 in the afternoon yesterday to Dipolog City. We dined, we sung and then we rocked the dance floor of Fat Cat. Rocked really? That is what I can remember. 
Going to a night-out party, there is one thing that i…