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The Lazy Day, The Attraction and The Fast and Furious

If yesterday was a lazy day, today is a very lazy day for me. I've done nothing today but get up after lunch time (people here didn't even bother waking me up), eat a quick lunch alone (I hate it), play Wartune and then slack around. Good thing I thought of writing an update here, as what I am doing right now (if you call this talk an update).
I stayed up until 1 last night watching a Korean drama while browsing/stalking Vin online and while talking to my new love interest. Yehah, I have one and his name is "Mr. Seal Look-Alike". Yes, he is a chocolate guy and he is sweet. Sorry Vin Diesel and Chris Hemsworth for being unfaithful but I can't help the attraction. It was only last night that I had realized I am attracted to Seal. 

And he and VS angel Heide Klum do look great together...and ahmm...I'm jealous. ^-^  Who among you here are attracted to Mr. Seal? Raise your hands with me. 
Anyway, As I was head down stalking my hunks on the internet (fine, I keyed…