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My Say on The Innocent Man

This drama started with a climax and I expected that as it progressed it would offer something more...but it didn't. It had some thrills and puzzles, which would make a viewer think, entice to watch farther and expect. And for me, every episodes promises nothing but boredome. Please don't get me wrong though, It wasnt the actors coz I love them and there was no problem with their acting.  The problem is the story. It didn't meet my expectation basing the plot. It seemed like this drama was aired only to advertise Song Joong Ki's freshness. Lol!

I was entertained by it there is no doubt but I did not totally fall in love with the storyline. I'd expected a much better filmography from that of the plot. I expected more action from Song Joong-ki and this drama made him do nothing but be cute in front the camera (well, at least there were those scenes). I as well expected more action from the lead girl. Gosh I liked how tough she was at the start...and then later on, a…