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First Set of Challenges - Kuwait Application

Before my flight to Manila,  I still needed to stay for a couple of days or nights in the agency's accommodation in Zamboanga City. I needed to wait two more recruits that were under the same agency with mine and have the same schedule as mine for departure. Sort of, they were my batch mates.

The accommodation was at the third floor of the DXN building. I forgot the exact location, street, road, and etc. I sucked at remembering places during that time. All I could ever recall was my lightheadedness. Everything felt like inception. "Am I really here already? Am I really going for it? Is this for real?" Those were only few questions in my head.

The accommodation was a very old building and only had one room available to use for the applicants. (Sucks all my photos were deleted when I got here in Kuwait. My male boss had my old phone checked for Kuwaiti simcard to work in it. The repairman rebooted my phone but to no avail. One reason why the male boss got me a new phone to…