Legend of the Blue Sea: Dam Ryung and Se Hwa (PART 1)

Kim Dam Ryung and Se Hwa's love story in Legend of the Blue Sea was a very beautiful story of great love. It is derived from the classic tale of a mermaid and the fishermen during the Joseon era.  It brought life to my fantasy of love against all odds. Even how sad the ending was, their story is one that left a mark in the heart, not easily forgotten. And even though their love story was not the focus of the said TV drama, it brought life and color to the entire series.

I haven't had enough of them, really. I am into historical dramas so I was rooting on their story. I wish the writer would come up another 20-episode drama just to chronicle Dam Ryung and Se Hwa's love story alone. I wish!


I am not into spoiling your thrill in case you plan on watching (well, pretty much everyone's done watching this drama) but I couldn't help myself summarize the "Dam Ryung and Se Hwa's story" for you,  which was only delivered bits by bits thru dreams of the reincarnated personas in the drama as it progressed.

So let me do my best....

Kim Dam Ryung was a magistrate's son who later became a village chief (Mayor) in a northeastern province in Gwangwan-do during the Joseon period. He fell in-loved with a mermaid which he himself named Se Hwa.


How did these two different souls met?

When Dam Ryung was a little boy, he was drown in the sea. A beautiful, little mermaid saved his life. Instead of being scared, Dam Ryung thought of the different creature as his friend and even gave her a name, Se Hwa.

As years passed by, they grew up into young adults and even grew feelings for each other. But Dam Ryung was to marry another noble his parents set for him.

Dam Ryung married the noble woman but on their first night, he escaped and went to the sea. He drown himself hoping Se Hwa would come and save him.

Se Hwa saved Dam Ryung's life again just as he wished but one thing he didn't know was that a mermaid has a special ability, and that is to erase herself from a person's memory through a touch or a kiss. Se Hwa hoped for Dam Ryung to have a peaceful married life so she erased all of Dam Ryung's memory of her through a kiss. And like a foam in the ocean, she popped and vanished from the memory of the only man she loved.

Dam Ryung and Se Hwa both grew into adults. Dam Ryung became a village Chief. His wife said to have died few years after the marriage. Se Hwa lived her life in endless loneliness in the deep.

One night, a big storm pummeled the seaside of the village; homes destroyed, trees uprooted and a tidal wave washed the shore. The storm had calmed the next morning and to the villagers amazement, abundance of fresh fish laid on the shore ready for harvest. Among those fish that was pushed offshore was Se Hwa. She was trapped by rocks in a cave and struggled for escape. Fishermen saw her and brought her to Mr. Yang, the ruthless noble, a village Inn owner who had been aiming to catch mermaids for oil.

Dam Ryung, the new Village Chief (Mayor) came to visit and attend a banquet hosted by Mr. Yang. Later, the Inn owner gleefully introduced his big catch, the mermaid Se Hwa; a little battered, in a pond, trapped in a fish net and wrists tied with rope.

Mr. Yang concluded his evil plan on the mermaid to Dam Ryung, which is to kill and extract oil from her.

They met again! Their eyes locked and seemed to be talking through their minds. DamRyung heard Se Hwa pleaded for help in his head. Se Hwa did ask for help hoping Dam Ryung could hear it.

In a tale, when a man hears the mermaid's mind, it means he loves her. Therefore, Dam Ryung's feelings for Se Hwa had awaken. Although his mind forgot, his heart didn't.

In a seemed confused mind (on why he heard her voice) and to also do the right thing, he helped her by opposing Mr. Yang's plan and having her sent back to the sea. Mr. Yang swore to capture the mermaid and get rid of the chief.

Dam Ryung, himself, sent the mermaid back to the sea. She swam away but came back to his canoe after few seconds. With arm outstreched, she reached for Dam Ryung. Their eyes locked. Dam Ryung took her hand.

To be continued...☺


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