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Legend of the Blue Sea, Tale of Reincarnation

Legend of the Blue Sea tells the story of two reincarnated souls from different worlds; a man and a mermaid: land and water, their love and their ill-fate.

This 2017 semi-fantasy-historical-modern Korean drama starred none other than the irresistible, handsome, hot and popular Lee Min Ho and the ever sophisticated, an icon and a top hallyu star Jun Ji Hyun, the Sassy Girl!

I remember something I read in a book, which, of course, had something to do with science back in highschool that humans, like plants and animals, do reincarnate after 2000 years. I forgot other information from what I read but I remember vividly the 2000 years and watching the Legend of the Blue Sea reminded me of it. Although the reincarnation in this drama happened way early, after more or less 430 years.

The question: Do we really reincarnate? How couId it be possible? Reincarnation might really happen but no one can certainly attest to the fact. We may born again in the next life, say after 400 or 2000 years as …