This Blog Is All Set

Since this blog is new and still in incubation period, I'll just settle this blog for now in its current blogging platform - Blogger. I have plans for this blog and that is to monetize it (of course) so no offense meant to Blogger, I'll have this blog self-hosted in Wordpress sooner or later. It is just that I don't get much moolah when in your platform.

Anyway, I managed to find a cute blog layout earlier. Being so excited to have gotten this custom domain name for free, I went on with the layout customization and finished everything. So here it is now the updated look of Chiessy. 

Again, thank you sis Nita Thomas for getting me this domain. I appreciate you waiting for me (I was sleeping) to respond to you before heading to the counter. I take this as a birthday gift.

Here are some of Nita's blogs for you to visit:

Again, thank you so much sis! I hope after a month this blog will gain my desired traffic and PR for it so I can go on to having it self-hosted, as long as my budget permits. 


Nita said…
You're welcome sis. Happy birthday nga pala :)

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