Mango Bonding and "Cam-Whoring" with Little Sister

My bad! I was invited to a baptismal ceremony on Saturday as one of the godmothers to my college friend's son but sadly, I had to accompany my youngest sister to a dentist on that day. It was bad of me because I didn't inform her (my friend) that I won't be able to make it to the ceremony. Still though, I am counted as a godmother. It is funny I am counting godchildren but I don't even have my own child yet. Soon....hopefully. I want a baby girl!. 

Anyway, my youngest sister (in red) and I had a really awesome bonding on Sunday. We bought about 10 kilos of apple mangoes and we munched on it until we get fully loaded. We were belching mangoes afterwards. Lol! We just couldn't get enough of the mangoes. Yum and Sweet!

My youngest sister is still enjoying her school break with us though she is making sure she finishes her dentist appointments before her school begins. Last Saturday was her last dentist visit so by Sunday, we were able to bond before she left for the city on Monday. My other younger sister actually was jealous of our bonding but she was busy helping at her boyfriend's eatery at the city and I bet she likes it with him better than with us. [[[grumpy face]]]

Eating those sweet mangoes was not the only thing we did, my sister and I as well went "camwhoring". We are crazy cam-whores...we enjoyed every bit of it as much as how we enjoyed the mangoes.

Lacking here is our other sister who is also a crazy cam-whore. Lol. Oh, I am telling you she was all green with envy when she saw our pictures on FB. If you are a blogging friend of mine and frequent visitor of my sites, you sure know half of my life already. You sure know that my little sisters are my angels, my babies and my bestest friends. I am more than happy to be their big sister that if I were to be born again, I would choose them still as little sisters.

This one is my favorite among the photos taken. It was a very awesome night for me being able to bond with my little sis. We were munching on the mangoes still came 12midnight while watching I Miss You, a Korean drama. If you like to be updated with my not-so-interesting life, please like Chiessy on Facebook.


Claire Rafols said…
These are lovely photos of you and your sister.
Adin B said…
Awe! Pretty ladies. You guys remind me of my cousins back in Pinas and during mango season we would devour lots and lots of mangoes that our moms would worry about us. hahahaha... They are so good. I miss Pinas mangoes so much and especially the fresh once. :)
Chubskulit Rose said…
I am drooling sis over the mango. Lovely bonding with your sister, lovely ladies as always.
I love mangoes too!! Now they are really cheap because they are in season :)
I love mangoes. Great snack with family. :)
Ane said…
Yum Mangoes!! :D

I feel you! :) I have little sisters who are my bffs too, and I adore them and would not trade for anyone even in another lifetime! :)
Ane said…
Yum Mangoes!! :D

I feel you! :) I have little sisters who are my bffs too, and I adore them and would not trade for anyone even in another lifetime! :)
Gven-Rose said…
lovely photos sis, your post remind me of the mango bonding with my family few weeks ago..

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