A Woo Dal Chi's Promise in Faith (Kdrama)

 This is a repost from my original blog post that was posted on 11-21-12.

Have you seen Faith, Lee Min Ho's new Korean Drama? Did you like it? I loved it big time and it did hurt when I reached the finale. I wanted more. I wondered how long will it take to have this drama aired on Philippine TV for I would love to watch it dubbed with our very own language.

One of the things that had me glued to this Korean drama was the Woo Dal Chi's promise; on how important a Woo Dal Chi's promise was. For him his promise was his law and he was willing to offer his own life in order to keep any promise he had made. Loyalty to that extent.

Choi Young, portrayed by none other than the ever so hot Lee Min Ho, is Goryeo's greatest warrior. He is the Woo Dal Chi or the Captain of the Royal Guards in the kingdom of Goryeo. In this drama, he made two promises: (1) to protect the King and the kingdom of Goryeo and (2) to send Eun-soo, whom they believed to be the God's doctor back to her world.

How did Eun-soo arrive in Goryeo by the way? We can blame it to the touch of fantasy in this drama. Eun-soo, portrayed by Kim Hee-sun is a cosmetic surgeon from the present time - Korea. Somehow in Goryeo period, a heaven's door had opened after a very long time. It was an old tale in Goryeo that a God's doctor came in and out of the said heaven's door. The King of Gorgyeo believed that it was the will of god. They needed to find the great doctor to heal the Queen who was fatally wounded during their encounter with the enemies from Yuan.

With unquestioned loyalty to the kingdom, Choi Young risked his life by going through the Heaven's door to find the great doctor. He landed to the present time, which was 700 years after his period. He experienced the new Goryeo that became Korea. There he met Eun-soo whom he dragged with him against all the odds of the present , his sword against the guns, back to Goryeo, back to 700 years ago.

This is the promise he made to doctor Eun-soo at the heaven's door at the present time.
Eun-soo did save the Queen's life using the advanced procedures she learned from the present time. As promised, Captain Choi Young escorted her to the Heaven's door but at the last minute, the king sent an order to keep the doctor in Goryeo. At that very moment, Choi Young was torn between the King's order and his promise to the doctor. His judgment could betray either of the two. At the same time, the King was troubled for he could anytime lose his greatest warrior. In the end, Choi Young's loyalty to the King and his promise to Eun-soo are both kept by giving his own life.

Fighting her way out from the weird world she was dragged into, Eun-soo struck Choi Young (who was blocking her way) with his own sword. Choi Young did not avoid the strike, accepting his fate because a Goryeo warrior's promise is one's life.

These scenes were heart-melting, certainly tear-jerker but fret not, he didn't die. I LOVE this drama and I LOVE Choi Young to the bones!


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