Legend of the Blue Sea: Dam Ryung and Se Hwa PART 2

The fated bond continued. Dam Ryung and Se Hwa crossed paths again. There seemed to be no land and water that could separate their fate. The cunning Mr. Yang learned that Dam Ryung could be the key to capture the mermaid, he ordered his men to tail on him.

Dam Ryung was shocked when Se Hwa talked. The mermaid responded that there is nothing a mermaid can't do that a human can. Mermaids talk underwater through their mind so there is no need to speak. Later, she told him the story of a boy who heard a mermaid.
Dam Ryung's might have felt his connection to Se Hwa. He became curious about the boy in her story that he wanted to hear further but some villagers were rushing on their way. Se Hwa's safety was at risk so they just made a deal to see each other again.

The story of the boy bridged them to meet again. Since then, everytime Se Hwa see a light above the sea, she would happily come up, excited to meet the man she loved.

Se Hwa continued her story of the little boy. In the end, it was revealed that the little boy was Dam Ryung and the mermaid that he loved so much was none other than, Se Hwa.

Se Hwa took the greatest risk of her life when she came out from the sea and walked on land. According to the tale, mermaids tend to risk their life by following the human they love on land. A once in a litetime chance. The moment they step on land, their time become limited. Their heart will harden, it will lost its beating and they will die. Unless, the human they love whom they risked their life for will love them back. For the human they love, since their heart beats for only one person, they take such fifty-fifty chance.

But besides that, she faced outright danger by the hands of Mr. Yang's men. And this time, it was Dam Ryung who saved her life.

Dam Ryung killed some of the men so they managed to scape. While the two of them were alone in the hiding, Dam Ryung expressed his feelings to She Hwa, that he missed her. His mind might have really forgotten her but his heart was wavering. He felt the love that long been kept all those years.

Dam Ryung embraced She Hwa. The fact that he was once the boy who loved the mermaid and that she risked her life to follow him was enough. He lovedher! Even with the bad talk that circulated about him being bewitched by a wicked creature, he embraced Se Hwa and loved her.

But the cunning Mr. Yang wasn't one who just sit still. His and the concubine's obsession to the mermaid just grew. He ordered his men to search and capture Se Hwa.

Dam Ryung's most loyal friend protected Se Hwa but she still helplessly fell into the hands of the enemies. Mr. Yang's concubine who's hungry for money forced Se Hwa to cry and turn her tears  turn into pearls.

Dam Ryung found Se Hwa a little late inside the storage of Mr. Yang's concubine. She was weak and with bruises. Dam Ryung was angered by the sight of her poor lover and the badmouthing people outside.  He picked the bowl full of pearls, his woman's tears, and threw it to the people. He walked out carrying Se Hwa, his eyes were full of rage.
To be continued...


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